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AANA Learn will become part of the CRNA Knowledge Network.


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The CRNA Knowledge Network is a video and audio streaming service from the AANA that goes beyond the conference halls to bring quality lectures and podcasts right to your preferred device!   

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Catch the latest education and topics from industry experts and AANA partners. 

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Learn at your own pace and jump in and out of sessions with the auto-save feature. 

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Network with CRNAs at AANA's exclusive meetings and events. Earn Class A CE credits, build your network, and meet with AANA leaders.

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AANA Learn

Select from over 40 online courses covering topics such as the AANA Journal, business, pain management, technology, enhanced recovery, education, wellness, and leadership.


Site is currently undergoing maintenance until March 3, 2021

What's affected?

As we make the transition, your courses and Class B submissions will be temporarily disabled until March 3, 2021. Users will be notified by email when the site is available.

If you have incomplete courses, you will be automatically enrolled in all eligible courses at no charge. Please note, however, you will need to start the course from the beginning .

 CPC Core Module Users: Your course progress will be saved and carried over into the new platform. However, any in-progress tests will be reset. 

Why is the platform changing?
Based on your feedback, we are constantly improving our online continuing education services to provide the best learning experience for current and aspiring CRNAs.

When will the AANA Learn courses be available?
 The transition is currently in progress and we're scheduled to have all updates completed by March 3, 2021

Does this affect the CPC Core Modules?
Your CPC Core Modules course progress will be saved and carried over into the new platform. However, any in-progress tests will be reset.

Have additional questions?
Please contact us here.

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We'll let you know when they're available.